BoS Meeting Agenda-March 12, 2018

1240 Maple Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17603
P: (717) 291-1213;

March 12, 2018

1.         Agenda items
2.         Planning & Zoning updates
3.         Township Engineer updates
4.         Public Works updates
5.         Manager’s updates

I.          Pledge of Allegiance, Call to Order, Roll Call
II.         Public Comment on Agenda Items
III.       Secretary’s Report
IV.       Treasurer’s Report
V.        Payment of Bills
VI.       Reports
            A.        Lancaster Township Fire Department
            B.        Lafayette Fire Company
            C.        Police
            D.        Recycling Report
            E.         Sewer/Other Reports
VII.      Announcements
A.        Office closed: Friday, March 30, 2018
B.        Trash/Recycling Bills: In mail April 1st; due April 30th. Online payment by credit card or check now available on the township website—
C.        Yard/Woody Waste Curbside Collection: Begins April 2nd.
D.        Yard/Woody Waste Drop-off Facility: Opens April 2nd, Mon-Thurs, 3pm to 7pm. Once-a-month Saturday begins April 7th, 9am to noon. Continues the first Saturday of the month through November 3rd. Users of the woody waste facility need to enter via the Elm Avenue driveway and exit onto Meadowcreek Lane.
E.         Street Sweeping Signed Streets: The first & third Tuesday and Wednesday of each month, starting April 3rd.
F.         Large Appliance/Tire Collection: Week of April 9 to 12 on your regular trash day. Each appliance requires a $12 blue tag; each tire a $2 purple tag. Tags are purchased at the township office.
G.        Next Board of Supervisors Meeting: Monday, April 9, 2018, 7:00pm; workshop at 6:00pm, Lancaster Township.
VIII.     Old Business
            No old business.
IX.       Planning and Zoning Business
            No planning and zoning business     
X.        New Business
A.        Resolution No. 2018-07
The board will act on Resolution 2018-07 amending the Lancaster Township Personnel Policies setting forth a policy for Short-term Disability.
B.        Resolution No. 2018-08
The board will act on Resolution 2018-08 amending the Lancaster Township Schedule of Fees with the elimination of the $10 one-time application fee for residential alarm system registration.
C.        New job title assignment for township office employee
The board will act on a request to assign the new job title of Facilities and Operations Manager to employee Joanne Yost.
D.        Confirmation of Special Fire Police
The board will act on a request from the Lancaster Township Fire Department to have John L. Ferguson Sr. confirmed as Special Fire Police.
E.         Pennsylvania SPCA Agreement
The board will act on an agreement with the Pennsylvania SPCA Lancaster Center for the services of boarding and housing stray dogs from the municipality at a per-dog-fee charge of $200.00, along with an additional $75/per animal fee if the PSPCA picks up the animal. The PSPCA Lancaster Center is operating out of the former Lancaster County SPCA Center—the Mary K. Dano Animal Shelter.
XI.       Guest Recognition & Participation
XII.      Adjournment