2020 BoS Agendas

Starting August 2020, board of supervisors meetings will be held at the Maple Grove Community Building, 1420 Columbia Avenue, Lancaster, PA, until further notice. Meetings start at 7:00pm. Visit the township’s Facebook page for the live broadcast.

Board of Supervisors agendas are posted on the township website the week prior to the meeting date (usually by Thursday afternoon).

What is on the BoS Agenda, and what does it mean? Click here for information.


  1. 01-06-2020 BoS Reorg&Reg Agenda
  2. 02-10-2020 BoS Agenda
  3. 03-09-2020 BoS Agenda
  4. 04-13-2020 BoS Agenda – Sewer Reports for April 13 BoS meeting, click here.
  5. 05-11-2020 BoS Agenda –  Reports for Public Inspection
  6. 06-08-2020 BoS Agenda  – Reports for Public Inspection
  7. 07-13-2020 BoS Agenda – Reports for Public Inspection
  8. 08-10-2020 BoS AgendaReports for Public Inspection
  9. 09-14-2020 BoS AgendaReports for Public Inspection
  10. 10-12-2020 BoS Agenda – Reports for Public Inspection
  11. 11-09-2020 BoS Agenda – Reports for Public Inspection


The 2021 January BoS meeting will take place on MONDAY, JANUARY 4, 2021, as required. Reorganization Meeting at 7:00pm, followed immediately by the Regular BoS Meeting.