Abraham Herr House

25 Bentley Lane – Established around 1721

The “Abraham Herr House” was built around 1721 by Abraham Herr, a son of Hans Herr. It is a two and a half story, four bay Germanic style stone farmhouse, covered with rough cast stucco, steeply pitched roof, two front entrances, rare stone window frame, and vaulted basement. The central chimney is now gone, and the present woodwork is nineteenth century. The oldest part of the house is very similar to the 1719 Hans Herr House in West Lampeter Township.

Abraham Herr (son of Hans Herr and Elizabeth Kendig) was born about 1672 in Mannheim, Germany. He arrived by ship in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from Europe, on August 24, 1717.

On October 12, 1719, Abraham Herr and his Brother, Hans, petitioned James Steel for a grant of 400 acres for their brother, Isaac, who had recently arrived. In the 1720s, according to the estimates of architectural historians, Abraham built a house that still stands at 25 Bentley Lane in Lancaster Township near Millersville on land that went to his son, Rudy.

Abraham Herr died before December 16, 1725.