Budget of Lancaster Township

The goal of the township budget process is to evaluate the needs and objectives of the township and to determine the feasibility of the township’s capacity to allocate revenues sufficiently to meet those needs and objectives. The budget also serves as a comprehensive document to facilitate transparency to the township residents of the costs of providing public services.

PROPOSED Budget for 2020: Notice is hereby given that the 2020 proposed budget for Lancaster Township will be available for public inspection from November 15, 2019 through December 9, 2019, at which time the Board of Supervisors will take action to adopt the budget. The proposed budget may be examined at the township municipal building, 1240 Maple Avenue, weekdays from 8am to 3pm. Lancaster Township Board of Supervisors; Diana Hess, Finance Officer

It may also be viewed by clicking on the link below:


The Lancaster Township 2019 Budget  was approved by the Board of Supervisors at their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, December 10, 2018, and is available for viewing by clicking here.

2019 Budget Summary:

2019 BUDGET SUMMARY - By Appropriation / Projected
Projected 01/01/2019 Fund Balances5,452,964.954,566,488.95467,708.00418,768.00
300.000 Taxes3,719,700.003,719,700.000.000.00
320.000 Licenses & Permits288,700.00288,700.000.000.00
330.000 Fines & Forfeits112,000.00112,
341.000 Interest99,700.0085,700.007,000.007,000.00
342.000 Rents & Royalties19,800.0019,800.000.000.00
350.000 Intergovernmental642,661.00179,729.00462,932.000.00
360.000 Department Earnings1,458,135.001,458,
380.000 Miscellaneous Revenues600.00600.000.000.00
390.000 Other Sources311,336.0036,336.000.00275,000.00
Total Revenues6,652,632.005,900,700.00469,932.00282,000.00
400.000 General Government(499,900.00)(499,900.00)0.000.00
410.000 Public Safety(2,509,231.00)(2,509,231.00)0.000.00
420.000 Health & Welfare(1,074,130.00)(1,074,130.00)0.000.00
430.000 Highways(1,566,550.00)(887,050.00)(556,500.00)(123,000.00)
450.000 Recreation(239,715.00)(239,715.00)0.000.00
480.000 Insurance, Benefits, & Misc.(751,565.00)(751,565.00)0.000.00
490.000 Transfer to Other Funds(282,000.00)(275,000.00)0.00(7,000.00)
Total Expenditures(6,923,091.00)(6,236,591.00)(556,500.00)(130,000.00)
Net Increase/(Decrease)(270,459.00)(335,891.00)(86,568.00)152,000.00
2019 All Funds Projected Year End Fund Balances5,182,506.004,230,598.00381,140.00570,768.00