Tax Information for Lancaster Township


  • The Lancaster County Treasurer’s Office collects Lancaster Township’s Real Estate Taxes
  • Each property owner is mailed a combined County and Municipal Real Estate Tax bill by March 1st of each year
  • If your taxes are in escrow with your Mortgage lender, it is your responsibility to forward a copy to them for payment.
  • If you do not receive a bill or have a question, please contact the Lancaster County Treasurer’s Office at (717) 299-8222.
  • If there is an address change, property owner change or if you have a question concerning your properties assessment value, please contact the Lancaster County Property Assessment Office at (717) 299-8381.
  • Lancaster Township’s current tax millage rate is 0.6 mills.

How To Calculate Your Tax (mils based on 100% of assessed value):
$100,000 (Lancaster Township Assessed Property Value)
x .0006 (.6 mils)
Amount Owed $ 60.00

  • To obtain the assessed value on your property go to this Link.
  • Enter property owners name (last name first name) and click “Submit.”
  • Check the property interested in and click “View Selected.”


Lancaster County Treasurer’s Office
150 North Duke Street
Lancaster, PA 17603
PH: (717) 299-8222


  • For information, click here. To find out if your property is on the exclusion list, please click on this link.


  • Lancaster Township School Taxes are collected by the School District of Lancaster. The bills are mailed out the beginning of July.
  • If you do not receive a bill or have a question, please contact the school district:

School District of Lancaster
Administrative Office
1020 Lehigh Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17602
PH: (717) 291-6134

LOCAL SERVICES TAX  (LST, formerly EMS or Occupation Tax)

  • In Lancaster Township only, this tax is a set fee of $10.00 per year for any person who works in the township. The tax is collected by Berkheimer Associates through a one-time payroll deduction in your first paycheck of the year. The School District of Lancaster receives this money.
  • Any person who works in Lancaster Township whose total taxable income from all sources is less than $5,000 per year is exempt from the payment of this tax if the proper forms are submitted to your employer.
  • The forms are available from Berkheimer Associates or contact them at:

Berkheimer Associates
PO Box 25132
Lehigh Valley, PA 18002
Local Services PH: (610) 599-3142


  • The Earned Income Tax (EIT) rate for Lancaster Township residents is 1%.
  • It is the resident’s responsibility for filing this tax each year.
  • The tax collection agency is the Lancaster County Tax Collection Bureau (LCTCB).
  • Visit or call LCTCB for more detailed information and frequently asked questions.

1845 William Penn Way, Suite 1
Lancaster PA 17601.1623
PH: (717) 569-4521 Fax: (717) 569-1623


PA Act 32 Information

What is Act 32? 

  • Act 32 requires uniform withholding (by the employer) of earned income taxes (EIT) and remittance to a single local collector or Tax Officer. The Act applies to the earned income taxes levied and collected after December 31, 2011.

What Employers & Employees Need to Know.

PSD Code (Public School District Code) on Certificate of Residency Form: