The township incurs administrative expenses in providing services to its residents. To offset these expenses, the board of supervisors has set up a schedule of fees. When revisions are necessary, a new fee schedule is presented and approved by resolution at board meetings.

The following amendments were approved at the August 14, 2017 board of supervisors meeting:

  • Section 1, specifying that the applicant is responsible for all advertising fees and one half of the court stenographer cost;
  • Section 1, adding a $30.00 fee for Application for Home Occupation;
  • Section 1 & 2, adding the words escrow/deposit where applicable.  

Click on the link below to be directed to the complete document.

Right-of-Way Fee Schedule for Street (Road) Opening Permits, click here.

Questions regarding Street (Road) Opening permits:
Michael Hamlin, Superintendent of Public Works
Office: (717) 293-1733