Township Departments/Staff

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  • Police or Fire Emergency: dial 9 1 1; Non-emergency: (717) 664-1180.

Listed below are the departments, names, and some of the responsibilities of each of the township’s employees.

Road Maintenance Issues: Many calls deal with road maintenance. Those calls can be best handled by public works. Residents may call public works at (717) 293-1733, and address their questions and issues directly with them. Due to the nature of their work, road crew members may be out of the office. If this is the case, leave a message and someone will return your call.

Lancaster Township Municipal Building
1240 Maple Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17603
Ph: (717) 291-1213
Fax: (717) 291-6818


The township manager handles the daily activities of the township, responds to resident concerns, works with the board of supervisors, and administers the township’s regional comprehensive plan.

Supports the township manager and the board of supervisors. Coordinates the publication of the township newsletter, provides parking permit tags for the township permit parking zones, and posts & updates information on the township website and the Lancaster Township Municipality page on

Manages the township’s finances, including bills (except those for trash/recycling), tax-related issues, employee hire paperwork, and payroll.

Usually your first contact with the office, the receptionist handles all incoming calls, greets residents and visitors when they come into the building, accepts payments at the window for trash bills, the purchase of extra service tags and recycling containers, and payments for parking fines. The receptionist is also the contact for applications needed for: Assemblage/Procession Permits, Canvassing/Solicitation Permits, Street (Road) Opening Permits, and Handicapped Parking Signs.


Responsible for the review and approval of building permit applications, enforcement of building construction and maintenance codes in the township, issues township zoning permits, handles all township ordinance/zoning and property/resident-related concerns, and assists the township manager. Tom Daniels is also the township’s Right-to-Know Officer – Fax or email the PA Standard Right-to-Know Form to Tom’s attention at — Fax (717) 291-6818 or Email:

Supports the Planning and Zoning office and the director by coordinating communications with the Planning Commission and the Zoning Hearing Board. Processes building/zoning permits, handles Smoke Detector Certification, and assists with property/resident-related concerns.

TRASH & RECYCLING and Maple Grove Community Building Rental:

Recycling coordinator for the township refuse and recycling program. Handles trash/recycle collection concerns, processes the semi-annual trash/recycling bills, as well as the trash bills for home settlements. Processes residential/business alarm registration. Oversees the Maple Grove Community Building rentals, and provides support to the finance department.


Maintenance Facility
1357 Meadowcreek Lane
Lancaster, PA 17603
Ph: (717) 293-1733 or (717) 293-1736

Public Works Office
1353 Meadowcreek Lane
Lancaster, PA 17603
Ph: (717) 293-1733

Coordinates all work for roadways, parks, and township building maintenance. Manages the public works department, including personnel, and the fleet of vehicles and equipment.

      • Earl Groff, Public Works Road Foreman

As Road Foreman, Earl is responsible for scheduling road improvement projects and supervising the road crew personnel.

Public Works Road Crew Members:

      • Devin Ashba
      • R. Shawn Bender
      • Guy Bunteman Jr.
      • Eugene Gallagher III

All members of the public works road crew operate maintenance equipment, and assist with the maintenance and improvement of township roadways, parks, and buildings.


As the township engineer, Ben reviews storm water site plans, minor land disturbance plans, and exemption applications, and oversees assigned projects to ensure contractor or consultant compliance. Ben assists the Public Works Superintendent in the direction and supervision of building, environmental, drainage, construction, water and sewer planning, engineering and operational activities. He recommends and administers policies and procedures, under the direction of the Township Manager, Zoning Officer, and Public Works Superintendent.


Lancaster Township does not have its own police force. It is contracted with the Manheim Township Police Department.

The Manheim Township Police are available by telephone, 24 hours a day. Residents wishing to contact the police, should do so by calling the numbers below. (Please do not leave messages for the police on the township’s voicemail service.)

9 1 1 for emergencies
Non-emergencies: (717) 664-1180 
Anonymous Tips: (717) 569-2816
To leave a message for an officer: (717) 569-6401
Disputes of Parking Tickets/Violations: (717) 569-6401

Manheim Township Police Department
1825 Municipal Drive
Lancaster, PA 17601
Ph: Administrative Office (717) 569-6401 (24 hrs./day)

Mary M. Sponaugle
1351 Elm Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17603
Ph: (717) 299-7898
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Monday through Friday)

FIRE PROTECTION: Click here for details.

      • Serving the WEST END of Lancaster Township:

Lancaster Township Fire Department
Mailing Address:  PO Box 210, Bausman, PA 17504-0210

      • Lancaster Township South Station
        Ph: (717) 394-5353
      • Lancaster Township North Station
        Ph: (717) 394-9361
      • Serving the EAST END of Lancaster Township:

Lafayette Fire Company
63 Lafayette Way
Lancaster, PA 17602
Ph: (717) 392-5097