Batteries & Cell phones

Batteries (household) & Cell phones may be brought to the township office, and dropped into the battery/cell phone bucket. Residents can pick up a special battery/cell phone collection bag at the township office during regular office hours. When the bag is full, bring it to the township office, and place it in the battery/cell phone bucket. You may also place the collection bag next to your refuse/recycle container, but NOT IN IT. The township trash hauler will collect the bag(s) during regular trash pick-up.Recycle bin9-volt batteries: Before placing 9-volt batteries in the collection bag, be sure to cover the positive and negative posts with masking, duct, or electrical tape first. See the special note below on 9-volt battery disposal.

  • Household batteries and cell phones can also be taken to the HHW facility at 1299 Harrisburg Pike.
  • Automotive batteries cannot be dropped off at the township building or put out with refuse/recycling. They should be taken to the HHW facility.

Special Note on disposal of 9-volt batteries:

  • 9-volt batteries can be dangerous. If a metal object touches the two posts of a 9-volt battery, it can cause a short circuit. This can make enough heat to start a fire.
  • It is unsafe to store 9-volt batteries in a drawer near paper clips, coins, pens, or other batteries. 
  • Weak batteries may have enough charge to cause a fire. Some fires have started in the trash when 9-volt batteries were thrown away with other batteries and metal items.

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