Board of Supervisors Meetings

  • Held Second (2nd) Monday of each month at the township office located at 1240 Maple Avenue, unless advertised otherwise. Check the township events calendar for any changes to meeting dates, times, or location. (Meeting dates are subject to change.)
  • Board meetings are preceded by the workshop, which begins promptly at 6:00pm. The regular board meeting begins at 7:00pm. The public is welcome to attend both.
  • BoS agendas are typically posted on the township website the Thursday or Friday prior to the meeting date, and advertised in the government calendar of the LNP on the Monday the meeting takes place.
  • BoS meeting minutes are posted on the township website after (and if) they are approved at the following month’s board meeting.
  • Occasionally, a board meeting date, time, or location may need to be changed. When this occurs, changes will be advertised in the legal section of the Lancaster Newspaper, posted on the township website and at the township office.
  • As required, the reorganization meeting is held on the first (1st) Monday of January. Workshop starts at 6:00pm, followed by the reorganization meeting and regular board meeting at 7:00pm. (If New Years Day falls on a Sunday or Monday, the reorganization meeting will be held on the first Tuesday in January.)