BoS Agenda-August 14, 2017

1240 Maple Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17603
P: (717) 291-1213;

Monday, August 14, 2017

1.         Agenda items
2.         Lancaster Public Library Presentation
3.         Planning & Zoning updates
4.         Township Engineer updates
5.         Public Works updates
6.         Manager’s updates

I.          Executive Session—Personnel Issues
II.         Pledge of Allegiance, Call to Order, Roll Call
III.       Public Comment on Agenda Items
IV.       Secretary’s Report
V.        Treasurer’s Report
VI.       Payment of Bills
VII.      Reports
            A.        Lancaster Township Fire Department
            B.        Lafayette Fire Company
            C.        Police
            D.        Sewer/Other Reports
            E.         Recycling Report
            F.         Lancaster Inter-Municipal Committee
VIII.     Announcements
A.          Executive Session: The board held an executive session on Friday, July 28, 2017 to discuss personnel issues.
B.        Office and yard/woody waste facility closed: Monday, September 4, 2017 (Labor Day).
C.        No trash/recycling pickup: Monday, September 4, 2017 (Labor Day). Penn Waste will operate on a one-day delay schedule for the week.
D.        Next Board of Supervisors Meeting: Monday, September 11, 2017, 7:00pm; workshop at 6:00pm, Lancaster Township.
IX.       Old Business
            A.        LTPC 262—110 River Drive, Stormwater Management Site Plan
The board will act on the requested changes to LTPC 262—110 River Drive, Stormwater Management Site Plan subject to satisfying all review comments by the township engineer.
X.        Planning & Zoning Business
            No planning and zoning business.
XI.       New Business
A.        Resolution 2017-08
The board will act on Resolution 2017-08 amending the Lancaster Township Schedule of Fees—Section 1, specifying that the applicant is responsible for all advertising fees and one half of the court stenographer cost, and adding a $30.00 fee for Application for Home Occupation; Section 1 and 2 adding the words escrow/deposit where applicable.
B.        Extension of Penn Waste Refuse and Recycling Collection Contract
The board will act on a request for a one-year extension of the current Penn Waste refuse and recycling collection contract, for the time period October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018.
C.        Lancaster Township Fire Police—Event Assistance Requests
The board will act to authorize the Lancaster Township Fire Police to operate outside the township borders for the following event requests received from the Manheim Township Police Department:
1.         August 26 & 27, 2017:  Lancaster Airport Community Days
2.         September 16, 2017:    East Petersburg Day parade
D.        Handicapped Parking Space
The board will act on an application for the placement of a handicapped parking sign at 1010 East Orange Street.
E.         Lancaster Area Sewer Authority Representative Appointment
The board will act to appoint a representative to the Lancaster Area Sewer Authority (LASA).
F.         Land Bank Ordinance
The board will act to authorize the township manager to advertise an ordinance for the Land Bank.
G.        Alice Bertzfield, Former Township Supervisor
The board will extend their condolences to Alice Bertzfield’s family, and recognize her service to the community as a former township supervisor.
XII.      Guest Recognition & Participation
XIII.     Adjournment