BoS Meeting Agenda-June 10, 2019

1240 Maple Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17603
P: (717) 291-1213;

June 10, 2019

Public Comments
·       Planning & Zoning
·       Township Engineer
·       Public Works
·       Township Manager

I.          Pledge of Allegiance, Call to Order, Roll Call
II.         Public Comment on Agenda Items
III.       Secretary’s Report
IV.       Treasurer’s Report
V.        Payment of Bills

VI.       Reports
A.        Lancaster Township Fire Department (west side):  May 2019:  27 calls with 17 for mutual aid, making a year-to-date total of 214 calls.
B.        Lafayette Fire Company (east side):  May 2019: 10 calls
C.        Police Report:  May 2019
D.        Recycling Report:  May 2019: not available
E.         Sewer/Other Reports:  Reports are available for public inspection at the board meeting and during regular business hours.

VII.      Announcements
A.        Executive Session was held on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 to discuss a contract.
B.        Thursday, July 4, 2019: Township office and yard waste facility will be closed. No street sweeping. No trash/recycle collection—Thursday’s collection will be on Friday, July 5.
C.        Next Board of Supervisors Meeting: Monday, July 8, 2019, 7:00pm; workshop at 6:00pm, Lancaster Township.

VIII.     Old Business
A.        LTPC 284 – 122 CITY MILL ROAD, Conditional Use Written Decision
The board will consider approving a draft written decision on the conditional use application for LTPC 284–122 City Mill Road (applicants Allon and Doris Lefever), for a residential infill development to construct a two-family dwelling unit on an existing lot, including the applicant’s request for two modifications or deviations: 1) a reduction of the side-yard setback to twelve feet, and 2) reduction of the minimum building lot size to .4 acres, roughly 17,000 square feet, the size of the existing lot. The conditional use application was verbally approved at the board of supervisors’ meeting of May 13, 2019.

IX.       Planning and Zoning Business          
A.        LTPC 285 – 225 Riverside Ave (City of Lancaster’s Operations Center) – Subdivision/Lot Add-On Plan
The board will act on a Lot Add-On Plan for the City of Lancaster’s Operations Center. At their April 16, 2019 meeting, the Lancaster Township Planning Commission recommended approval of this request subject to township engineer Ben Webber’s review letter dated April 5, 2019.
B.        SWM 18-0007 – 1317 Meadowbrook Road SWM Financial Security Release
The board will act on a request from Laura Douglas, 1317 Meadowbrook Road, for the full release of the financial security for SWM 18-0007 Stormwater Management Minor Land Disturbance Plan. The request was submitted via an email dated May 9, 2019. In his letter dated May 13, 2019, township engineer Ben Webber recommended the release of $7,787.00, leaving a balance of $0.00.
C.        LTPC 272 – Southern Village Phase IV Final Subdivision and Land Development Plan, Extension of Time
The board will act on a request from William Swiernik of David Miller/Associates, Inc., on behalf of Hogan Herr Wolf II, for an extension of time until September 13, 2019, for the approval of the Land Development Plan for Southern Village Phase IV. This request was submitted in a letter dated May 15, 2019.
D.        LTPC 287 – 505 North School Lane Stormwater Management Site Plan
The board will act on a Stormwater Management Site Plan, including requested waivers of the Lancaster Township Stormwater Management Ordinance (2014) (SWMO), for Bernadette Gardner, 505 North School Lane.
Waiver requests include:
i. SWMO Section 229-36.3.B – Existing features within two-hundred (200’) feet.
ii. SWMO Section 229-34.12 – Dewatering time
iii. SWMO Section 229-46.5 – Stormwater structure and pipe standards per PennDOT
iv. SWMO Section 229-49.9 – Geotextile Placement
The Lancaster Township Planning Commission recommended approval of this plan at their meeting on May 22, 2019 subject to the conditions of township engineer Ben Webber’s, review letter dated May 22, 2019.
E.        LTPC 279 – 640 Bean Hill Road (C-B Tool Co.) – Final Land Development Plan
The board will act on a request from Mark Stanley, McNees, Wallace, & Nurick LLC, on behalf of Wenzel Holdings LLC, for a 90 day extension of time, until November 2, 2019, for the approval of the Land Development Plan for C-B Tool Co., 640 Bean Hill Road. This request was submitted in a letter dated June 5, 2019.

X.        New Business
A.        Lancaster Township MS4 Stormwater Management Plan Update
Township engineer Ben Webber will present to the board, for their consideration, an update to the township’s stormwater management plan in compliance with DEP’s MS4 Stormwater Management Program requirements.

The board will act on the draft MS4 Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) update for Minimum Control Measures (MCM) 1 through 5. The draft update notice was advertised, and available for public review on the township website and at the municipal building from May 1, 2019 through May 31, 2019. No public comments were received.

XI.       Guest Recognition & Participation
XII.      Adjournment