C. Emlen Urban House

1009 Buchanan Avenue – Established 1914

The “C. Emlen Urban House” sits on a corner lot facing Buchanan Park. The house was designed by Lancaster’s leading architect of that period, C. Emlen Urban, and was his personal residence. Although Urban was known for his lavishly styled commercial buildings, he built this home in a conservative but refined Colonial Revival style.

The house’s ground floor is built of stone, with a stucco treatment on the second level. The building has a five bay east facade facing Race Avenue, with a pent roof above the first floor that is broken by a pedimented hood over the entry door. In front of the living room there are two left bays containing two double-hung windows. The front of the dining room features a bay window comprised of five windows. Two arched-top dormers with three casement windows sit atop the steep side-gable roof. There are integral chimneys at each end of the house. There is a one-story sun porch facing Buchanan Avenue, and two-story sheltered alcove porch on the other side.

Urban occupied this house from 1914 until his death in 1939.