PA One Call

Call Before You Dig!

Planning a project that requires digging? State law requires you to call the Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. at least three business days before you dig. They will mark the location of any underground wires, etc. to help keep you safe.

This service is free to homeowners. So whether you’re doing landscaping, installing an invisible pet fence, or taking on a similar project, don’t guess—play it safe and call.

DIAL 8 1 1 or 1-800-242-1776


Sometimes you notice paint marks on the street and/or flags in your yard, not to worry–the markings are there for your protection.

The Pennsylvania One Call system is a non-profit Pennsylvania corporation created to help protect the underground facilities of members through communication with any person planning to disturb the earth. The purpose is to prevent damage to underground facilities. To promote safety, they provide an efficient and effective communications network among project owners, designers, excavators, and facility owners. They have created a uniform color code for various utilities and they are as follows:

Whiteproposed excavation

Pinktemporary survey markings

Redelectric power lines, cables, conduit and lighting cables

Yellowgas, oil, steam, petroleum or gaseous materials

Orangecommunication, alarm or signal lines, cables or conduit

Bluewater, irrigation and slurry lines

Purplereclaimed water, irrigation and slurry Lines

Greensewers (sanitary and storm) and drain lines

PA One Call