Compost Park Facility (in Manheim Township)

Lancaster Township has its own Yard/Woody Waste Facility which is for Lancaster Township residents only. It is located at 1357 Meadowcreek Lane. Days and hours of operation for this facility can be found by clicking here.

In addition, Lancaster Township residents may also use the Manheim Township Compost Park for the disposal of yard waste. This facility is located at 2775 Oregon Pike in Lititz. (No municipal waste or commercial haulers.) 

The Manheim Township Compost Park accepts garden residues, shrubbery and tree pruning, sod, leaves, and grass for composting.  

NOTE:    The Manheim Township Compost Park is IS NOT a free service — THERE ARE FEES THAT APPLY

For information on service and pricing guidelines at the Manheim Township facility, click hereor contact their recycling coordinator listed below.

Wendy Herr, Recycling Coordinator
Manheim Township
Ph: (717) 569-6406 ext. 129