Dead Deer

By law, the township public works crew is not permitted to pick up or dispose of dead deer.

  • Residents wishing to report a dead deer on the road need to call one of the following agencies, and provide them with the exact location (and any other pertinent information) to aide in their retrieval efforts:

On a state road/highway—Contact PennDOT at (717) 299-7621 or (800) 349-7623.
If you do not get an answer or try a few times and cannot reach anyone, then call County Dispatch at (717) 664-1180 and ask them to notify PennDOT. 

 The following roads in Lancaster Township are State Roads:

  • Columbia Avenue
  • East King Street
  • East Orange Street
  • Marietta Avenue
  • Millersville Pike
  • Millersville Road
  • New Danville Pike
  • Riverside Avenue
  • Wabank Road

 On a township road—Contact the PA Game Commission Southeast Regional Office at
(610) 926-3136 or (610) 926-3137.

  • Can I keep it?

PA Game Commission says that individuals may claim deer carcasses when they are “fit for human consumption.” Road-killed deer may be claimed by state residents, regardless of whether the person picking up the deer has hit it. It must be claimed within 24 hours of it being discovered.

Within that 24 hours, the individual who wants to claim a road-killed deer must apply to the PA Game Commission for a free permit by calling the appropriate Regional Office and reporting the location. The office will issue a free verbal permit number that allows the caller to claim the carcass and take it home or to a butcher. The hide and antlers cannot be retained by the claimant.

The Southeast Regional Office serves Lancaster County–(610) 926-3136 or (610) 926-3137.