Earned Income Tax

What is the Earned Income Tax (EIT)?

The local earned income tax (local wage tax) was enacted in 1965 under Act 511, the state law that gives municipalities and school districts the legal authority to levy a tax on individual gross earned income/compensation and net profits. The tax is based on the taxpayer’s place of residence (domicile) and NOT their place of employment. However, taxpayers should speak to their employer about the withholding of this tax. The EIT is separate from the Pennsylvania personal income tax (your state income tax).

  • Earned Income Tax (EIT) rate for Lancaster Township residents is 1%.
  • It is the resident’s responsibility for filing this tax each year.
  • Collection agency for EIT is the Lancaster County Tax Collection Bureau (LCTCB).

Visit, call, or email LCTCB for more information:

Lancaster County Tax Collection Bureau
1845 William Penn Way
Lancaster, PA 17601
Ph: (717) 569-4521
Fax: (717) 569-1623
Hours:  Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm
Email:  info@lctcb.org
Website: http://lctcb.localtaxonline.org

Note: The Lancaster County Tax Collection Bureau is a private entity that collects “earned income tax” (local wage taxes). They are not associated with the Lancaster County Treasurer’s Office or Tax Claim Bureau who collects “real estate taxes,” or with the School District of Lancaster who collects “school property taxes.”