Some of these forms are fill-in forms. They may also be printed for filling out. After completion, please be sure form is signed and dated, and mailed to the township office, along with the required back-up information (if applicable), and payment (if applicable).
Township fee schedule: Click here.


There is no longer a fee/permit required for the registration of an alarm system installed in your home or business.

APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT: (for advertised job openings)

  • Application for Employment – The application is a fill-in form. After completion, print, sign/date, and mail to address on the application. You may also include a resume.  

ASSEMBLAGE/PROCESSION: (including block parties)



  • Handicap Parking Sign Requirements, Procedures, and Application  – The application is a fill-in form. After completion, print, sign, and mail the application, the required documents, and the $35.00 fee to address on the application. Applications not complete will be returned.
  • Before applying for sign installation, applicant must first have a valid, PA state-issued handicap placard or license plate. 

The PA Dept. of Motor Vehicles issues handicap placards/license platesFor information on this requirement, call (717) 783-6523 or visit and click on Persons with Disabilities Placards/Plates under the Vehicle Services drop down menu. The PennDOT application is available here Click here for local PennDOT locations that may be able to assist you.



  • Building/Zoning Permit Application:  This is the base form for all construction, renovations, alterations, fences, decks, patios, and accessory structures in the Township. If you are adding/removing/modifying any impervious surfaces on a property, a Stormwater Management Application is required in addition to the Building/Zoning Permit Application. Please see the Stormwater Management link below.
  • Dumpster Application: For dumpsters and portable storage devices placed in a public right-of-way. (Not required when being placed on private property.)
  • Operations Management Plan Application: Per the Lancaster Township Zoning Ordinance (2012), all nonresidential uses shall be required to submit an Operations Management Plan to the Township for review prior to being approved.
  • Resident Concern Form:  This form is for residents to report concerns about zoning or building ordinance violations. Click here for more information on resident concerns.
  • Smoke Detector Certification Form: This form is to ensure that all smoke detectors are properly installed and operational at the time of sale.
  • Stormwater Management:  All pertinent information and applications for Stormwater Management can be found by clicking here.
  • Zoning Hearing Board Application:  This application is a request for interpretation of a zoning ordinance, an appeal from the Zoning Officer, a variance, or a special exception.


  • Resident Concern Form:  This form is for residents to report concerns about zoning or building ordinance violations. Click here for more information on resident concerns.




  • (Administrative) Volunteer Application  – To help build boards, commissions, committees, and task groups that represent the Township’s jurisdiction, the board of supervisors has developed this volunteer form for persons interested in sharing their time and talents. Mail or drop off this form to the township office. When an opening becomes available, the supervisors will be provided with the applications on file.
  • Group Volunteer Application & Individual Form for Group Volunteers – For schools or other groups interested in volunteering their time for projects around the township, such as picking up trash, cleaning up the parks, painting buildings in the parks, etc., the Person in Charge of the Group should submit a complete packet which includes the Group Application and the Individual (group) Forms for all those who will be participating. Mail or drop off the forms at the township office, as one single packet, and they will be turned over to the public works department for consideration.