Leaf Pickup

has several safety related benefits. Leaves pose two major hazards on roadways–1) wet leaves can be as slick as snow or ice, 2) blocked storm water inlets can lead to flooding on roadways and property.

Leaves will be collected as weather, equipment, and leaf volume permits.

2015 Leaf Pickup schedule:

There will be no scheduled day for your leaves to be picked up. Leaves will be collected on a rotating basis to ensure all streets are covered. The road crew will start at one end of the township and continue day after day until the entire township has had a collection, then we start all over again.

Every effort will be made to collect leaves on streets with signed parking restrictions on the days listed. The police will continue to enforce street signs that prohibit parking on certain days.

Leaves may be raked to the curb at any time. Place leaves close to the curb or at the edge of the yard in non-curbed areas. Residents are reminded that grass clippings, tree branches, or yard waste are not to be placed on the street for pickup. If it is, it will be left on the street. It can clog and/or break the machinery.

The township will continue to pick up bagged leaves on some of the high-traffic main roads where leaf pickup is too dangerous. Plastic yard clean-up bags are to be used and bags must be placed at curbside. Please call 293-1733 when bags are ready for pick up.  These streets are:

  • Columbia Avenue
  • East King Street
  • Millersville Pike
  • Millersville Road
  • New Danville Pike
  • Wabank Road