New Traffic Signals for Maple Grove Park/Community Building Access

January 29, 2019

New traffic signals have been installed for access to the Maple Grove Park/Community Building due to the bridge construction project on Columbia Avenue. These signals will be in place until the project is completed.

Here is how the signals work:

1.  Elm Avenue Access — the default is RED / STOP.

a.  Drivers MUST STOP AT THE STOP BAR to be detected.

b.  Proceed ONLY UPON GREENDrivers need to wait even though they may not see a vehicle coming up the drive. This is to insure that any traffic on green below has an opportunity to clear the access drive.

c.  Drivers must insure that they DO NOT BLOCK the Giant entrance. Drivers should be aware of truck traffic attempting to enter and exit Giant from the rear drive.

1.  From (out of) Maple Grove:

a.  The main driveway from Maple Grove has a signal that defaults to GREEN / PROCEED.

      i.  The spur from the stone parking area has a signal that defaults to RED / STOP.

      ii.  Drivers MUST STOP AT THE STOP BAR to be detected.

      iii.  The wait at this light may be 45 seconds or more. DRIVERS MUST WAIT FOR GREEN before proceeding.