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BoS Meeting Agenda-July 8, 2019

1240 Maple Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17603
P: (717) 291-1213; www.twp.lancaster.pa.us

July 8, 2019


  • Public Comments
  • Presentations:
    ·Lancaster Recreation Commission
  • Updates:
    ·Planning & Zoning
    ·Township Engineer
    ·Public Works
    ·Township Manager

I.  Pledge of Allegiance, Call to Order, Roll Call
II. Public Comment on Agenda Items
III. Secretary’s Report
IV. Treasurer’s Report
V. Payment of Bills
VI. Reports
A. Lancaster Township Fire Department (west side): June 2019: 21 calls in the township, 6 calls for mutual aid, making a year-to-date total of 241 calls.
B. Lafayette Fire Company (east side): June 2019: 10 calls
C. Police Report: June 2019
D. Recycling Report:  June 2019: 22.93%
E. Sewer/Other Reports:  Reports are available for public inspection at the board meeting and during regular business hours.
VII. Announcements
A. Next Board Meeting: Monday, August 12, 2019 7:00pm; workshop at 6:00pm, Lancaster Township.

VIII. Old Business
No old business.

IX. Planning and Zoning Business
A. LTPC 288 – 64 Hershey Avenue – Land Development Plan Deferral Request
The board will act on a Land Development Plan Deferral Request for LTPC 288, 64 Hershey Avenue. At their June 18, 2019, meeting, the Lancaster Township Planning Commission recommended approval of this request.

B. LTPC 284 – 122 City Mill Road – Stormwater Management Site Plan
The board will act on a Stormwater Management Site Plan for LTPC 284, 122 City Mill Road, including requested waivers below, of the Lancaster Township Stormwater Management Ordinance (2014).
1) SWMO Section 229-43.15.D – Infiltration testing at the same location as the proposed facility
2) SWMO Section 229-48.1.B(3) – Loading Ratios
At a meeting on June 18, 2019, the Lancaster Township Planning Commission recommended approval of this plan, including the above requested waivers, subject to the conditions of township engineer Ben Webber’s review letter dated May 31, 2019.

X. New Business
A. Presentation of Township Progress on the MS4 Program
Township engineer Ben Webber will present to the board the township’s annual MS4 status update. The board will act to acknowledge the presentation.
B. Agreement for Crossing Guard Services for 2019-2020 School Year
The board will act on an agreement between Lancaster Township and All City Management Services, Inc. for crossing guard services provided for the School District of Lancaster for the 2019-2020 school year.
C. Memorandum of Understanding for Crossing Guard Services for 2019-2020 School Year
The board will act on a memorandum of understanding between Lancaster Township, the School District of Lancaster, and All City Management Services, Inc. for crossing guard services, provided under agreement with All City Management, for the 2019-2020 school year.
D. Lancaster Township Fire Police—Event Assistance Request
The board will act on a request for the Lancaster Township Fire Police to operate outside the township borders providing assistance for East Petersburg Day on Saturday, September 14, 2019. The request was made by the Manheim Township Police Department in a letter dated June 28, 2019.

XI. Guest Recognition & Participation
XII. Adjournment

4th of July

  • Township office will be closed on Thursday, July 4 and Friday, July 5, 2019.
  • Yard waste drop-off facility will be closed on Thursday, July 4, 2019. Operating days/hours can be found here: http://www.twp.lancaster.pa.us/yard-woody-waste-drop-off
  • NO street sweeping on Thursday, July 4, 2019.
  • NO trash/recycling collection on Thursday, July 4, 2019. Waste Management will operate on a one-day delay schedule. Thursday’s collection will take place on Friday, July 5, 2019.


(Originally posted June 11, 2019)…..In late 2017, Pennsylvania modified its Fireworks Law to allow for a more expansive list of fireworks to be used by the average consumer.  PA residents, over the age of 18, can now purchase and use “Class C” or “consumer-grade” fireworks that include firecrackers, Roman Candles, bottle rockets, and other similar fireworks.  The expansion includes those fireworks that were previously only available to out-of-state residents.  These fireworks will normally have a colorful wrapping upon them and can be purchased at any facility (temporary or permanent), which is licensed by the PA Department of Agriculture.  Examples of temporary facilities include tents or other structures found in parking lots. 

“Display fireworks,” which are classified as professional-grade aerial shells, are still only to be used by professionals with a permit from the municipality where the display will take place. These fireworks will normally have a plain paper wrapping upon them.

Despite the changes, there are still RESTRICTIONS on the use of “Consumer fireworks.”

They CANNOT be ignited or discharged:
     – on a public or private property without express permission of the property owner.  **(this includes the street)**
     – from or within a motor vehicle or building.
     – towards a motor vehicle or building.
     – within 150 feet of an occupied structure.
     – while the person igniting the firework is under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance, or another drug

Source: Manheim Township Police Department
Click here: https://bit.ly/2WuW1gi

PennDOT Columbia Bridge Construction Update

June 24, 2019

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: New Route 462 Bridge over Little Conestoga Creek to Wrap Up in July

 Harrisburg, PA – The full replacement of the bridge carrying Route 462 (Columbia Avenue) over Little Conestoga Creek in East Hempfield, Lancaster and Manor townships, Lancaster County, currently under construction as part of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) Rapid Bridge Replacement Project, is scheduled to be completed in early-to-mid July.

Construction to replace the 91-year-old bridge started last summer. Traffic on Route 462 (Columbia Avenue) between Stone Mill Road and Jackson Drive will continue to be reduced from three to two travel lanes through the work zone until the construction of the new bridge is fully completed.  The main entrance to Maple Grove Community Center located on Columbia Avenue is closed. Traffic will continue to be detoured to an existing secondary driveway which exits to Elm Avenue. A temporary signal is installed within the park boundary and near the Elm Avenue cul-de-sac.

Motorists are advised to allow extra time when traveling through the work areas because slowdowns will occur.

In the event of unfavorable weather or unforeseen activities, this schedule is subject to change. 

This bridge is referred to as JV-259 and is one out of the 558 bridges being replaced under the Rapid Bridge Replacement Project. JV references the joint-venture partnership between Walsh/Granite, which is leading construction for the entire project.

The Rapid Bridge Replacement Project is a public-private partnership (P3) between PennDOT and Plenary Walsh Keystone Partners (PWKP), under which PWKP will finance, design, replace, and maintain the bridges for 25 years.

Information on the bridges and their status is available at www.parapidbridges.com, or by calling the project hotline at 877-444-9990 or email info@parapidbridges.comMore on P3 in Pennsylvania is available at www.P3.pa.gov or “Public-Private Partnerships” at www.penndot.gov.

Attn: Residents of Nassau, Jamaica and Riverside in Lancaster Township

June 12, 2019

We are aware of the ongoing situation with limited parking in front of your homes. 

UGI and Pennsy Supply and Miller Pipeline have all been made aware of the need to minimize construction zones in order to preserve as much parking as possible.  However, the gas main and service replacements, as well as the curb replacements, require room for the crews to work and stockpile materials.

The School District of Lancaster has agreed to make available the parking lot at Burrowes Elementary School at Orange and Ranck Avenue. You may park your vehicles in the school lot effective immediately.

Michael R Hamlin, Public Works Superintendent