Adopt-an-Inlet Registration FormInlet Inspection Form

Lancaster Township inspects, maintains and services what is known as a “Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System” (MS4). The MS4 is a connected collection of conveyances. These conveyances; curbs, gutters, ditches, naturally occurring and man-made channels, pipes, tunnels , catch basins or storm drains carry storm water and storm water runoff which ultimately discharges into rivers, streams and creeks of the waters of the United States.

Storm water arriving as rain, snow, sleet and hail falls upon the ground and is often absorbed. However when the rate of precipitation is such that the ground cannot absorb it all, or the surface is impervious such as parking lots, patios, sidewalks and streets the precipitation becomes storm water runoff and travels through the MS4 and ultimately into our waters.

The United States EPA has determined that polluted storm water runoff is a leading contributor to impaired water quality in over 40% of the United States waters which do not meet water quality standards.

Lancaster Township is engaged in a public education program regarding the potential for reducing the amount and concentration of polluted storm water runoff being discharged into waterways flowing into any United States waters. As part of Lancaster Townships Storm water management education program an offer is being made to all residents to participate in the education program in a very active and meaningful manner. Please “adopt an inlet.”

The inlet shown at the right is in need of attention. The trash allowed to collect at the opening of this inlet restricts the ability of the inlet to adequately handle the flow of storm water runoff attempting to enter the inlet and as the floatable trash and other litter is forced into the inlet it too can be ultimately discharged into our waters. There are literally thousands of street and backyard inlets in the township. The Public Works Department routinely inspects, cleans and maintains all of the conveyances making up the MS4, but as can be imagined litter, leaves and other debris can collect very quickly.

When you adopt an inlet you enter into an agreement with Lancaster Township to regularly check your adopted inlet for the following conditions:

Check the inlet regularly for trash, debris, litter and leaves

Note the condition of the Inlet

  1. Broken Curb or adjacent roadway surfaces
  2. A dislodged or damaged grate or cover
  3. Sinking of the Manhole of Inlet

Notice if the interior of the inlet seems to be full
When conditions are dry (no rain for the last 2 days or more)

  1. Note if there is any flow occurring in the inlet
  2. If so does the flow have an odor?
  3. If flow is present does it have a visible color?
  4. If flow is present does it have a “sheen” or oily appearance

During and after a rain and or snow storm

  1. Notice if there is any ponding or standing water
  2. How long does the ponding last
  3. How big was the pond which formed?

Report the above conditions using the links provided or:
Fax a report to (717) 291-6818
Call the Public Works office at (717) 293-1733

Report any sighting or suspicion of the following;

  1. Pouring a hazardous substance into the inlet or any conveyance
    • Oil
    • Paint
    • Fuel
    • Chemicals
    • Cleaners

Avoid using Pesticides and Fertilizer near the systems entry points or where runoff is likely
Limit the amount of Pesticides and Fertilizers used
Repair oil and hydraulic leaks in automobiles, trucks and equipment
Avoid allowing pet wastes to remain in streets or gutters
Notify the Township Public Works Department

  1. Call with any concerns regarding potential pollutants
  2. Call Anytime you notice blocked inlets or standing water of unusual amount or that does not subside.