Leaf Pickup/Route Maps

Click on this link for the latest post on leaf collection — http://www.twp.lancaster.pa.us/end-of-leaf-collection-2017

Leaf pickup has several safety related benefits. Leaves pose two major hazards on roadways:

1) wet leaves can be as slick as snow or ice, and
2) blocked storm water inlets can lead to flooding on roadways and property.

Route Maps are available by clicking here.

Note:  When street sweeping ends, parking restrictions remain in force on signed streets due to leaf pickup beginning. There will be NO WARNING NOTICES; parking tickets will be issued.

2017 Leaf Pickup schedule: Weather permitting

  • For non-signed streets, it begins October 9; ends December 15.
  • For signed streets, it begins October 17; ends week of December 6.* There will be NO WARNING NOTICES; parking tickets will be issued.
  • Leaves may be raked to the curb at any time. Place leaves close to the curb, or at the edge of the yard in non-curbed areas. 
  • Pick up schedule may be altered at any time due to weather conditions.
  • Click here to print out the 2017 Leaf Collection calendar for signed streets.
  • Click here to access the complete list for signed streets, or here for a condensed version.
  • Final dates are listed below.

There is no scheduled day for leaves to be picked up, except for signed streets. Leaves are collected on a rotating basis. The crew starts at one end of the township, and continues day after day until the entire township has had a collection, then it starts all over again. Leaves are collected as weather, equipment, and leaf volume permits.

*If you reside on a street with signed parking restrictions (the first & third Tuesdays and Wednesdays of the month), please abide by the schedule as it appears on that sign to avoid a parking ticket. The no-parking regulation allows a more complete leaf pickup and provides safety for the crew members. The police will enforce street signs that prohibit parking on certain days.

Every effort will be made to collect leaves on streets with signed parking restrictions on the days/times listed on the street signs. The area (route) the crew will be working in will, whenever possible, be posted in advance on the township website home page. Available here are the Route Maps

ONLY LEAVES SHOULD BE RAKED TO THE CURB!! Grass clippings, tree branches, or yard waste are not to be placed on the street for pickup. Grass clogs the machine, and tree branches or yard waste will break it, leading to delays in the schedule. Tree branches or yard waste found mixed in with the leaves will be left on the street for your proper disposal. 

High-traffic state highways: The township will continue to pick up bagged leaves on these streets (listed below) that are not included in the regular schedule. Plastic or paper bio-bags can be used. Call (717) 293-1733 when your bags of leaves are at curbside ready for pickup. 

  • Columbia Avenue
  • East King Street
  • Millersville Pike
  • Millersville Road
  • New Danville Pike
  • Wabank Road

2017 Final Dates for Leaf Pickup (Weather Permitting!)

Monday, Dec. 11: All areas between Columbia Ave., Marietta Ave., Race Ave., and 0-200 block River Drive.
Tuesday, Dec. 12: All signed areas in East and West Township including Conestoga Woods area.
Wednesday, Dec. 13: All signed areas in East and West Township finish Conestoga Woods area.
Thursday, Dec. 14: All areas between Marietta Ave. and Newton Rd. N., President Ave., and the 300-700 block of River Dr.
Friday, Dec. 15: Areas west of Abbeyville Rd., School House Rd., N. Bausman Dr., Bausman, Gable Park, Bentley Lane, Chadwick Circle, Bean Hill Rd., Wedge Wood, Windolph Landing, Honeysuckle Ln., and Millrace Development.