Road Closures or Repair Work

(Posted June 28, 2017)

The following roads in Lancaster Township will have active work crews on them for the dates listed below:


Atkins Avenue:
Wednesday, June 28:
·        Schoolhouse to Davis Drive
Lancaster Township Crew saw cutting for inlet replacements

·        400 Block of Atkins Avenue
Lancaster Township Crew saw cutting for inlet replacements

Beginning Wednesday, July 5, continuing until Friday, July 14 (approximately):
·        Schoolhouse to Davis Drive and 400 Block
Limited lane width Schoolhouse to Davis Drive with no closing planned.

·        400 block lane restriction with a closing of 2-4 hours one day. Construction hours will be 7:30AM to 4:30PM daily.

There will be no parking from Spencer Ave. to Davis Drive along Atkins on the Community Park side only.

Atkins Avenue:  UGI – Strickler Paving will be finishing utility patches from the 500 block through the 00 block during the next two weeks periodically. NO PARKING will be posted as necessary to accomplish this work. Periodic lane restrictions and short term closings may occur.

N. President Avenue:  UGI and Miller Pipeline continuing work at Columbia Ave. Continuing for next week to ten days.

Spencer Avenue:
Wednesday, June 28:
·        400 Block—Saw cutting. Possible lane restriction.  NO closure.

Friday, July 14 (approximately):
·        One day lane restriction. 2-4 hour closure.

Please use caution while traveling through a work zone, heed construction signage, and take alternate routes, if possible. 

Road Work sign


Every year in the U.S., about 40,000 people, including highway/road workers and motorists, are injured or killed as a result of vehicle crashes in work zones. Carelessness and speeding are the main causes of traffic fatalities in work zones.

For the safety of the road crew and your neighbors, please use caution when traveling through work zones.