Sewer & Water (old page)


Serves West side of township:

LASA (Lancaster Area Sewer Authority)
130 Centerville Rd, Lancaster, PA 17603

  • Customer Service:
    (717) 299-4843, Option 1
  • Emergency: Weekday
    (717) 299-4843, Option 3
    Monday-Friday; 8:00am to 4:00pm
  • Emergency: Evenings, Weekends, Holidays
    (717) 396-9619

Serves East side of township:

SLSA (Suburban Lancaster Sewer Authority)
P.O.Box 458, Lancaster, PA 17608-0458

  • Billing:
    (717) 560-1900
    Monday-Friday; 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • Emergency (24 hours):
    (717) 293-5533

Lancaster Township Sewage Enforcement Officer: 
(on-lot sewage only)

Solanco Engineering Association, LLC
Attn: Mark A. Deimler
103 Fite Way, Suite C
Quarryville, PA 17566
(717) 786-0355

Alternate SEO:

ARRO Consulting, Inc.
Attn: David Bacher-Hicks
108 West Airport Road
Lititiz, PA 17543
(717) 569-7021


Lancaster City Water Department
City of Lancaster
120 North Duke Street
P.O. Box 1599
Lancaster, PA 17608
FAQs: click HERE

      • Billing:
        (717) 735-3425
        Monday-Friday; 8:30am to 5:00pm
  • Service:
    (717) 735-3425 Weekdays; 7:00am to 4:00pm
    (717) 291-4816 Weekends, Holidays, & Weekdays; 4:00pm to 7:00am
  • Water Emergencies:
    (717) 291-4816

Water Transmission and Distribution

  • For water emergencies, call (717) 291-4816.
  • Specifications are available in the city engineering office. Contact an Engineering representative at (717) 291-4764 for a free copy or you can download them from this site.
    Download the Specifications
  • For inspections of public water utilities, and service laterals from the main to the curb stop, call (717) 291-4764. For inspections of services from the curb stop to the house, contact the water meter bureau at (717) 291-4820.
  • For Capacity Approvals (domestic and fire flow), contact Ben Perwien, Utility Engineer, in the Engineering Office. Submissions should include three (3) copies of the project information sheet, download capacity request form, a letter detailing your request, and utility layout plans. Submissions without this required information will be returned. All fields on the project information sheet must be filled out.
  • For plan reviews of subdivisions and service lines, submit two (2) sets of utility/layout plans with all applicable details (metering/backflow, taps, laterials, and hydrants) to Ben Perwien, Utility Engineer, in the Engineering Bureau. Submissions may be mailed to:

City of Lancaster
City Hall, Bureau of Engineering
Attn: Ben Perwien, Utility Engineer
120 North Duke Street, PO Box 1599
Lancaster, PA 17608-1599