Planning & Zoning Contacts

Responsible for the review and approval of building permit applications, enforcement of building construction and maintenance codes in the township, issues township zoning permits, handles all township ordinance/zoning and property/resident-related concerns, and assists the township manager. Tom Daniels is also the township’s Right-to-Know Officer – Click here for information on Right-to-Know requests.

Supports the Planning and Zoning office by coordinating communications with the Planning Commission and the Zoning Hearing Board, processes building/zoning permits, dumpster permits, handles Smoke Detector Certification, and assists the planning & zoning director with property/resident-related concerns.


As the township engineer, Ben reviews storm water site plans, minor land disturbance plans, and exemption applications, and oversees assigned projects to ensure contractor or consultant compliance. Ben also assists the Public Works Superintendent in the direction and supervisor of building, environmental, drainage, construction, water and sewer planning, engineering and operational activities, and he recommends and administers policies and procedures, under the direction of the Township Manager, Zoning Officer, and Public Works Superintendent.