Street Sweeping

resumes on April 2, 2019 on signed streets.  Warning notices will not be issued!

  • Check back for the updated schedule and other details which will be posted soon.

Reminder: Grass clippings, tree branches, or yard waste ARE NOT to be placed on the street for pickup. This will clog and/or break the equipment resulting in delays to the schedule.

Unsigned Streets: The crew attempts to clean every street in the township a minimum of twice a year in the unsigned areas; once in the fall and once in the spring. There is no notification as to when this will take place. If there are cars parked on the street, the operator will go around the cars. If your street is heavily littered, call the public works office at (717) 293-1733. The crew will take a look at the street, and if needed, will put up a temporary sign giving everyone 24 hours to move their cars, and then sweep the street.

Residents who keep the street in front of their property debris free help make the bi-weekly sweeping easy. The bi-weekly sweeping schedule on signed streets allows the township to clean the non-signed neighborhoods more frequently.