Township Yellow Pages

Below we have identified those issues and topics which residents call the township office about most often, along with the staff person who is best qualified to address them. You can also click here for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

  • Police or Fire Emergency: dial 9 1 1
  • Non-emergency: (717) 664-1180
  • To reach a particular officer: (717) 569-6401 (24 hrs.)
  • Township office: (717) 291-1213 (see extensions in table below)
  • Public Works office: (717) 293-1733

Click on the staff contact’s name in the table below to send them an email.  

LetterTopic or issueStaff ContactExtension
AAlarm Registration (residential/business)Joanne Yost301
Assemblage/Procession Permits Receptionist300
Bills and billing issues (not trash/recycling)Diana Hess 306
Bills (Trash & Recycling)Joanne Yost301
Building & Maintenance CodesThomas Daniels307
Building PermitsGretchen Smith308
CCanvassing Permits Receptionist300
Crime Watch Program William Laudien302
DDog Regulations (Ordinance)Gretchen Smith308
EEmergency Management William Laudien302
FFax # (Twp. office)(717) 291-6818
Fire Company Liaison William Laudien302
Finance OfficerDiana Hess 306
GGeneral Information Receptionist300
HHalloween (Trick or Treat date)Trick or Treat is celebrated in the twp. on October 31st, 6:00pm-8:00pm. EXCEPTION: when Halloween falls on a Saturday or Sunday, trick or treat night will take place on the Friday PRIOR TO October 31.
Handicapped Parking (application for sign installment) Receptionist300
Home Settlements (for final trash/recycling bills)Joanne Yost301
Intergovernment LiaisonWilliam Laudien302
LLand Development & UseThomas Daniels307
Leaf Pickup (by township)Michael Hamlin(717) 293-1733
Leaf Collection (by refuse company)Joanne Yost301
Legislation William Laudien302
M Maple Grove Community Building Rental Joanne Yost
MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System)Ben Webber(717) 293-1733
Mulch (i.e., pickup)Michael Hamlin(717) 293-1733
NewsletterPatrice Allen303
Park MaintenanceMichael Hamlin(717) 293-1733
Parking Permits (permit parking zones) Patrice Allen303
Parking Tickets (disputes of)Contact informationAdmin (24hrs): (717) 569-6401
Parking Tickets (payment of)Within 5 days of being issued, payment can be made at the township office during regular hours.After 5 days, go to MTPD, 1825 Municipal Drive.
PavingMichael Hamlin(717) 293-1733
Planning & Zoning OfficerThomas Daniels307
Planning & Zoning AssistantGretchen Smith308
Police (Manheim Twp)Contact informationEmergency 9 1 1
Non-emergency: (717) 664-1180
Admin (24hrs): (717) 569-6401
Anonymous Tip: (717) 569-2816
Police Department Liaison William Laudien302
Property-related ConcernsThomas Daniels; Gretchen Smith307 or 308
Public Works SuperintendentMichael Hamlin(717) 293-1733
Recreational Facility MaintenanceMichael Hamlin(717) 293-1733
ReceiptsDiana Hess306
Recycling (bills & collection)Joanne Yost301
Resident-related ConcernsThomas Daniels; Gretchen Smith307 or 308
Right-to-Know OfficerThomas DanielsFax (717) 291-6818 or email the
PA Standard Right-to-Know Form
Road ImprovementsMichael Hamlin(717) 293-1733
Road MaintenanceMichael Hamlin(717) 293-1733
SSmoke Detector CertificationGretchen Smith308
Snow PlowingMichael Hamlin(717) 293-1733
Solicitation Permits Receptionist300
Street (Road) Opening Permit Applications Receptionist300
Street (Road) Opening Permit InformationStreet (Road) Opening PermitsClick on the link to the left for details.
Street SweepingMichael Hamlin(717) 293-1733
Tax-Related IssuesDiana Hess306
Township EngineerBen Webber(717) 293-1733
Township Manager William Laudien302
Township SupervisorsWilliam Laudien, Twp. Mgr.
Patrice Allen, Admin. Asst.
Traffic Signs & Signals
Michael Hamlin(717) 293-1733
Trash (bills & collection)Joanne Yost301
Voter InformationVoting/Registration InformationClick on the link to the left for details, or call
(717) 299-8293
Water (Storm) ProblemsMichael Hamlin(717) 293-1733
WebsitePatrice Allen303
YYard Waste Collection (by refuse company)Joanne Yost301
ZZoning Concerns/IssuesThomas Daniels; Gretchen Smith307 or 308
Zoning PermitsGretchen Smith308