Trash & Recycling Contact

Joanne Yost
Facilities & Operations Manager
Phone: (717) 291-1213, Ext. 301

Joanne manages the township refuse and recycling program. She handles trash/recycle collection concerns, and processes the semi-annual trash/recycling bills, as well as the final trash/recycle bills for home settlements. Joanne also handles the rental of the Maple Grove Community Building. 


Lancaster Township adopted an ordinance in 1990 whereby all township landowners are required to have their trash and recycling collected by the township’s authorized contractor. Penn Waste, Inc. is the exclusive hauler for Lancaster Township under the current contract.

Lancaster Township has a mandatory (by township ordinance) recycling program for all residents, including apartment dwellers and businesses within the township.

For instant updates on weather-related trash schedules or other trash/recycling issues: