Trash and recycling bills are mailed out twice a year:

  1. April 1 (payment due April 30)
  2. October 1 (payment due October 31)
  • The fee is $102.00 every six months.
  • Senior rate (10% discount) is $91.80 every six months.*

*Seniors (aged 60 or older) are eligible for the 10% discount. If you just turned 60 or will by the time the new bills are mailed out, bring your ID to the township office to qualify for the discounted rate.

  • Click here for the 2015 Lancaster Township Trash & Recycling Collection Calendar from Penn Waste.
  • Click here for the Penn Waste Residential Guide.
  • The trash collection and recycling program includes a number of services under one contract with the township’s trash hauler, Penn Waste.
    • Collection days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday depending on where you live. Contact the township office by telephone or e-mail (  for your specific day. Trash and recyclables are collected weekly.
    • On regular collection days, trash, yard waste and recyclables must be on the curb by 5:00AM. It is suggested that you place both your trash and recycling at the curb the night before your collection.  Trash bags and/or containers, along with the recycling bin, must be within 5 feet of the curb and clearly visible to the collector. No alley or back door service will be provided, except by prior arrangement by the township with the hauler. Trash may not be placed on the curb earlier than the evening before collection day. Containers should be promptly removed from the curb area after collection.
    • Recyclables, yard waste and trash are collected on the same day; however, they may not be picked up at the same time. Yard waste will be collected for recycling every other week between the months of April and October. Collection dates are printed in the township’s seminnual newsletter and are available on the township website. Yard waste generated between the months of December and March should be disposed of with regular trash.
    • Residents are asked to always use lids on trash cans. Keeping a lid on the trash will lesson the chance of birds and other animals spreading it around the neighborhood.
    • Extra trash containers (if over the limit of 3 containers), oversized items, tires or appliances must be marked with special tags. Special tags may be purchased at the township office. Bags, containers and other items not clearly tagged when appropriate will not be picked up by the trash hauler.
    • Penn Waste will not collect on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If the holday falls on a weekday there is a one-day delay in collection for that week. If the holiday falls on a weekend, there is no change in the collection schedule.
    • 55 gallon barrels or any barrel without handles are unacceptable trash containers as they present a safety hazard to the crews. Penn Waste cannot pick them up. We ask that all residents have approved trash containers–meaning there should be pre-molded handles. 

Unacceptable&Acceptable trash cans

Contact the township office at 291-1213 extension 301 if there are any questions about the trash/recycle program, or e-mail Joanne Yost at