Trash & Recycling Bills-April 1, 2014

            Semi-annual trash and recycling bills will be mailed April 1 and are due April 30. The fee is $102.00 for six months. Seniors aged 60 or older are eligible for a 10% discount and that rate is $91.80 for six months. Bring ID to the township office for the discounted rate.

            Lancaster Township adopted an ordinance in 1990 whereas all landowners within the township are required to have their trash picked up by the contractor hired by the township. Exceptions are Apartment Buildings with four or more units, and businesses (does not include in-home occupations). Those that are exempt from being on the township trash service are still required to have a licensed LCSWMA approved hauler to pick up their trash. Under this ordinance, recycling is mandatory for all residents including apartment dwellers and businesses within the township. Apartment owners are to provide trash removal and recycling opportunities for their tenants. It is the landlord’s responsibility to inform their tenants of any ordinances the township has that may affect them.