Yard/Woody Waste Collection

begins the week of April 2, 2018. The final week of yard waste collection is October 1, 2018. During that time period, yard waste is collected every other week on your regularly scheduled collection day. Bundles must be placed at the curb on your scheduled pick up day before 5:00am, just as with trash/recycling.

  • Click on this link for Penn Waste special calendar information.
  • Yard waste can also be taken to the township drop-off facility. Click here for more information.

Collection by Penn Waste includes leaves, garden residue, brush, shrubbery trimmings, and small branches less than 2” in diameter. It does not include: grass clippings, fruit & vegetable waste, tree stumps, dirt, rocks, or stones. Larger branches, three inches or more in diameter, must be cut into three-foot lengths, bundled/tied, and placed next to your yard waste bags. DO NOT put tree branches or sticks in your trash can, or leave them piled up (unbundled, untied) on the curb–it will not be collected

Put your bag at the curb only when it is full. Fill bags to the line indicated, and fold or smash in the bag. Twigs and branches sticking out may cause injury to the loaders. Loaders have the right to leave bags if not filled properly. Yard waste in plastic bags will also not be collected.

Grass is not permitted in yard waste/bio-bags. The most environmentally beneficial option for grass clippings is to leave them on the lawn to decompose and act as a natural fertilizer.

Free bio-bags (yard waste bags) will be available at the township maintenance facility at 1357 Meadowcreek Lane, starting Monday, April 2. Click here for their operating hours. Bags will be available through October 4, or while supply lasts, maximum 10 bags per visit (20 bag limit per week), per township property owner. Bags can also be purchased at Lowes or Home Depot.

How to prepare yard waste for collection: (Click here for the Penn Waste Yard Waste Guide.)

  • Place yard waste in bio-bags or bundle it with biodegradable twine.
  • Bundles may not be longer than 4’ in length, exceed 6″ in diameter, and weigh more than 30 lbs each.
  • An unlimited number of bags or bundles may be placed at the curb.
  • Yard waste in plastic bags WILL NOT be collected.
  • DO NOT place the following items out for yard waste collection: Grass clippings, fruit & vegetables, tree stumps, dirt, rocks, or stones.
  • Yard waste generated between the months of December and March should be disposed of with regular trash.

Reminder: Storm Debris Cleanup
DO NOT put fallen tree branches, sticks, etc. into a trash can with or without trash, or piled up (unbundled, untied) on the curb–it will not be collected.

(For information on Yard/Woody Waste Drop-off, click here.)