Leaf Collection Friday December 9th

Leaf collection began on October 17th. Takes place daily on non-signed streets and first & third Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thurs on Signed Streets (weather permitting). Parking restrictions are in force thru Jan 19, 2023. Link for Leaf Collection zones --> Route (Zone) Maps 

Daily Update for  Friday, December 9
  • Route 5 Zone C1 (Honeysuckle, Southern Village, Millrace)
  • Route 5 Zone C1 (Windolph Landing, Bean Hill, Second Lock, Wedgewood, Conestoga Blvd.)
  • Final Dates for Leaf Collection: FINAL DATES in your area that leaves may be raked to the curb for leaf collection on parking-restricted signed streets. ANY LEAVES RAKED OUT TO THE CURB AFTER THESE DATES WILL NOT BE PICKED UP. The resident is responsible for removal.

    • Monday, December 12: ALL AREAS between Columbia Ave., Marietta Ave., Race Ave., and 0–200 block River Drive.
    • Tuesday, December 13: All SIGNED Wednesday areas in East and West Township; finish Conestoga Woods area.
    • Wednesday, December 14: All SIGNED Thursday areas (Chadwick Lane, Colchester Drive, the Sterling Place Development). Areas west of Abbeyville Rd., School House Rd., N. Bausman Dr., Bausman, Gable Park, Bentley Lane, Chadwick Circle, Bean Hill Rd., Wedge Wood, Windolph Landing, Honeysuckle Ln., and Millrace Development
    • Friday, December 16: ALL AREAS between Marietta Ave. and Newton Rd., N. President Ave., and the 300–700 blocks of River Dr.
    • Sunday, December 18: All SIGNED Monday areas (Chadwick Lane, Colchester Drive, the Sterling Place Development).
    • Monday, December 19: All SIGNED Tuesday areas in East and West Township including the Conestoga Woods area.