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Due to the latest rain event, changes need to once again be made to the paving schedule. Weather events (and even equipment breakdowns) can occur at anytime and are not under the township’s control. The township makes every effort to keep you informed when changes need to be made, and appreciates your patience.  

Below is the latest schedule as of 9/2/2021:

  • Friday 9/3 – Scratch and Pave Woods, Scratch and Pave Edgehill (Crew 2)
  • Tuesday 9/7 – Scratch and Pave Springhouse to just past Edgehill, Montrose, Roselawn and Penrose (Montrose to Roselawn), Scratch and Pave Elm (Crew 2)
  • Wednesday 9/8 – Scratch and Pave Fairview, Grandview and Penrose (Roselawn to Fairview, and Fairview to Grandview)
  • Thursday 9/9 – Scratch and Pave Roselle, Penrose (Grandview to Roselle), and Rosedale