The following forms can be downloaded as Microsoft Word documents or as PDFs. To download a copy of the Lancaster Township Schedule of Fees, click HERE. Questions regarding the P&Z forms should be directed to Gretchen Smith at, or Direct Dial: (223) 221-7515.

Building/Zoning Permit Application (Doc)
Building/Zoning Permit Application (PDF)

This is the base form for all construction, renovations, alterations, fences, decks, patios, and accessory structures in the Township. If you are adding/removing/changing the impervious surface on a property, a Stormwater Management Application is also required. Please see the Stormwater Management link below.

Zoning Hearing Board Application (Doc)
Zoning Hearing Board Application (PDF)

This application is a request for interpretation of a zoning ordinance, an appeal from the Zoning Officer, a variance, or a special exception.

Conditional Use Hearing Application (Doc)
Conditional Use Hearing Application (PDF)

This application is a request for a Conditional Use as defined in the Zoning Ordinance.

Resident Concern Form (PDF)

This form is for residents to report concerns about zoning or building ordinance violations. Click HERE for more information on resident concerns.

Smoke Detector Certification Form (Doc)
Smoke Detector Certification Form (PDF)

This form is to ensure that all smoke detectors are properly installed and operational at the time of sale.

Stormwater Management
Information and applications for Stormwater Management can be found by clicking HERE.

Dumpster Permit Application (PDF)
For dumpsters and portable storage devices placed in a public right-of-way. (Not required when being placed on private property.)

Operations Management Plan Application
Per the Lancaster Township Zoning Ordinance (2012), all nonresidential uses shall be required to submit an Operations Management Plan to the Township for review prior to being approved.