Extra Service Tags

Extra service tags are purchased at the township office during business hours.

Email Joanne Yost – jyost@twp.lancaster.pa.us – or call (223) 221-7507 if you have questions.

  • YELLOW – $1.25 each, for each Extra container or bag over the weekly limit of three. 
  • RED – $4.00 each, for each Over-sized item — No more than two over-sized items will be picked up at any one residence each week. Over-sized items include: bicycle, microwave, mattress, box spring, couch, chair, small furniture, carpet (cut into 5 ft. pieces & bundled or tied), a house door, toilet, tub, sink, charcoal grill, gas grill with PROPANE TANK REMOVED.
  • Over-sized items DO NOT INCLUDE large appliances or tires…See below for special collection on those items.*

*Special Collection Week tags for Large Appliances/Tires: (In May and November). See calendar for specific dates.

  • Blue – $12.00 each, for each Large Appliance (White Goods)  – Includes washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves, freezers, hot water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, dehumidifiers, etc.
  • Purple – $2.00 each, for each standard vehicle or motorcycle tire ONLY. NO RIMS. NO COMMERCIAL OR OVER-SIZED TIRES. 
  • Lancaster County Solid Waste accepts large appliances and car, truck, motorcycle tires (with or without rims) ALL YEAR ROUND. Call (717) 397-9968 or visit their website for more information, including their hours and fees. ADDRESS: 1299 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster, PA 17603

Disposal of Hazardous Items:

  • Contact HHW Facility – (717) 397-9968 about disposal of all propane tanks, including those for camping stoves.
  • Pesticides, chemicals, paint, computers/accessories, cell phones, cameras, etc., are hazardous waste and are not to be placed in household trash/recycling. Dispose of these items at the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority at 1299 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster, PA. Call ahead for hours and fees. (717) 397-9968.  www.lcswma.org
  • Household construction/demolition waste will not be collected by the township hauler. Make arrangements with the hired contractor or dispose of the material at the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority at 1299 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster, PA. Call ahead for hours and fees. (717) 397-9968.  www.lcswma.org

For a list of other items and how to dispose of them, go to the “How do I dispose of…” page.