Historical Homes

The table below lists some of the historical homes in Lancaster Township, and includes links to more information on each property. To read a brief history of Lancaster Township, click HERE.

PinPoint on MapSiteAddressEstablishedLink
AAbraham Herr House25 Bentley Lane1720Abraham Herr House
B27 Bentley Lane27 Bentley Lane180027 Bentley Lane
C930 Buchanan Ave930 Buchanan Ave1900930 Buchanan Avenue
D1008 Buchanan Ave1008 Buchanan Ave19261008 Buchanan Avenue
EC. Emlen Urban House1009 Buchanan Ave1914C. Emlen Urban House
FHugh Clark House1019 Buchanan Ave1916Hugh Clark House
G1056 Buchanan Ave1056 Buchanan Ave19201056 Buchanan Avenue
HMaxwell House1060 Columbia Ave1924Maxwell House
ISt. Mary's Academy1063 Columbia Ave1850St. Mary's Academy
JWeber Carriage House1120 Columbia Ave1924Weber Carriage House
KJames Laird Brown Mansion1136 Columbia Ave1909James Laird Brown House
LAbbeville Mansion1140 Columbia Ave1802Abbeville Mansion
MJacob Miller House375 S Conestoga Drive1805Jacob Miller House
NHouse of the Poor and Employment900 East King Street1799House of the Poor & Employment
OWitmers Tavern1501 East King Street1790Witmer's Tavern
PGustave Groezinger House1001 Marietta Ave1899Gustave Groezinger House
QH.L. Raub House1015 Marietta Ave1894H.L. Raub House
RJames Rose House1021 Marietta Ave1889James Rose House
SJoseph U. Fritchey House1023 Marietta Ave1895Joseph U. Fritchey House
TJohn W. Cooper House1024 Marietta Ave1895John W. Cooper House
UJ. Calvin Shutte House1025 Marietta Ave1906J. Calvin Shutte House
VRoslyn Mansion1035 Marietta Ave1896Roslyn Mansion
WJohn F. Brimmer House1044 Marietta Ave1899John F. Brimmer House
XIra Arnold House1109 Marietta Ave1899Ira Arnold House
YWheatland (James Buchanan House)1120 Marietta Ave1828Wheatland
ZSanderson Detwiler House1145 Marietta Ave1930Sanderson Detwiler House
aFerry Graber House1205 Marietta Ave1930Ferry Garber House
bLiegh P. Helm House1207 Marietta Ave1931Liegh P. Helm House
cOaklyn1209 Marietta Ave1930Oaklyn
dHerr Farmstead1305 Marietta Ave1800Herr Farmstead
eHershey Farmstead (Conestoga House)1608 Marietta Ave1812Hershey Farmstead (Conestoga House)
fBausman Farmstead1630 Millersville Pike1805/1836Bausman Farmstead
gPhilip Bausman House1631 Millersville Pike1879Philip Bausman House
h48 North President Ave48 N President Ave193048 North President Ave
iAndreas Graeff House1200 Ranck Mill Road1767Andreas Graeff House
j2051 Rice Road2051 Rice Road18062051 Rice Road
kRichard Rohrer House1405 Ridge Road1928Richard Rohrer House
lDr. Paul Snoke House1410 Ridge Road1940Dr. Paul Snoke House
mHerr-Zimmerman House120 N School Lane1906Herr-Zimmerman House
nEdenson128 N School Lane1897Edenson
oHenning J. Prentis House151 N School Lane1926Henning J. Prentis House
pGreider-Hershey HouseWabank Road1730Greider-Hershey House
qWilliamson Carriage House1000 Wheatland Ave1893Williamson Carriage House
r1103 Wheatland Ave1103 Wheatland Ave19111103 Wheatland Avenue
sJohn C. Hager House1110 Wheatland Ave1899John C. Hager House