County Government & Assistance

The following is for the Lancaster COUNTY Government offices. 

Courthouse Address:
50 North Duke St.
Lancaster, PA 17603
Main Phone: (717) 299-8000

County Dept. WebsiteCounty Dept. Phone #County Dept. WebsiteCounty Dept. Phone #
Adult Probation & Parole Services(717) 299-8181Juvenile Probation(717) 299-8161
Agriculture Preservation(717) 299-8355Law Library(717) 299-8090
Archives(717) 299-8319Office of Aging(717) 299-7979
Behavioral Health & Development ServicesSee site for #'sParks & Recreation(717) 299-8215 or (717) 299-8220
Children & Youth Agency(717) 299-7925Planning Commission (County)(717) 299-8333
Clerk of Courts(717) 299-8275Prison(717) 299-7800
Commissioners Office(717) 299-8300Property Assessment(717) 299-8381
Coroner's Office(717) 735-2123Prothonotary(717) 299-8282
Court of Common Pleas(717) 299-8041Public Defender(717) 299-8131
Court Reporter(717) 299-8091Recorder of Deeds(717) 299-8238
District Attorney(717) 299-8100Red Rose Access Programs(717) 291-1243, or visit
District JusticesClick here for info.Register of Wills(717) 299-8243
Domestic Relations(717) 299-8141Sheriff's Office(717) 299-8200
Drug & Alcohol Commission(717) 299-8023Tax CollectorsClick here for info
Emergency Management Agency(800) 808-5236Treasurer(717) 299-8222
General Information(717) 299-8000Veterans Affairs(717) 299-7920
Housing (Repair Program or Assistance): LCHRA.COMStaff contactsVoter Registration(717) 299-8293
Jury Services(717) 299-8041Youth Intervention Center(717) 299-7821