Paving Projects/Road Repairs

Lancaster Township makes every effort to keep its roads, streets, and alleys in good repair. They are inspected frequently, and based on those inspections and average traffic flow the roads to be repaved are chosen. 

Following is a preliminary list of streets/roads/alleys to be paved in 2022 (to be announced when available). This is a “proposed” plan and is subject to change. Some of the streets may be put on hold due to budgetary constraints. Note: If it rains, projects could be delayed.

Paving Project (proposed) for 2022: (TBD)

The public works crew will place signs on the street, and or/notices on your door advising you of the exact date paving work will begin.

If you have special needs on the day paving is schedule on your street, call the public works office IN ADVANCE at (717) 293-1733. Leave a message if there is no answer. Every effort will be made to accommodate your needs.