Planning & Zoning Contacts

Office & Mailing address:

Lancaster Twp Planning/Zoning Office
1353 Meadowcreek Lane
Lancaster, PA 17603

Thomas P. Daniels, Director of Planning  & Zoning
Direct Dial:  (223) 221-7514
Responsible for all management and administrative functions of the Planning & Zoning Department; this includes direct supervision of the Township Engineer, Planning and Zoning Assistant, and the Building Code inspector. Liaison for the Planning Commission and Zoning Hearing Board. Consistently apply and enforce Township Ordinances.

Gretchen Smith, Planning & Zoning Assistant
Direct Dial:  (223) 221-7515
Supports the Planning and Zoning office. Processes building/zoning permits, dumpster permits, handles Smoke Detector Certification, and assists with zoning and property, and resident-related concerns. Coordinates communications with the Planning Commission and the Zoning Hearing Board. 


Ben Webber
Direct Dial:  (223) 221-7522
Recommends and administers policies and procedures, under direction of the Director of Planning & Zoning. Reviews storm water site plans, and minor land disturbance plans & exemption applications. Manages floodplain permits. Works in support of the township for building, environmental, drainage, construction, water, and sewer planning, engineering and operational activities. Provides support to the Planning & Zoning and the Public Works Departments.  Is the contact for the MS4 program (Municipal Storm System), and is the Lancaster Township Historical Commission Liaison.