Tax Information

County and Municipal Real Estate Taxes:

If you have questions concerning your county (Lancaster County) or municipal real estate taxes (in Lancaster Township), contact the Lancaster County Treasurer’s Office at (717) 299-8222.

Residents residing in Lancaster CITY call: (717) 735-3425.

School Property Taxes (School District of Lancaster):

  • Payment of school property taxes is collected by Berkheimer Associates.
  • If you do not have your  tax bill, call Berkheimer Associates to obtain the correct amount — Ph: (610) 599-3143.
  • If you have questions regarding your taxes, or disagree with the assessed value, or need to make a name or address change, call the Lancaster County Assessment Office at (717) 299-8385.
  • If your taxes are delinquent, call the Lancaster County Tax Claim Bureau at (717) 299-8232.

Earned Income Tax (or Local Wage Tax)

EIT is collected by the Lancaster County Tax Collection Bureau (LCTCB) │ Ph: (717) 569-4521. If you have questions regarding this tax, speak to your employer who is responsible for withholding this tax. The EIT rate for residents of Lancaster Township is 1%.

Local Services Tax:

Local Services Tax is collected by your employer through a one-time payroll deduction. Questions regarding this tax should be directed to your employer. Self-employed individuals must pay their own tax. You can find additional information on this tax here: The local services tax in Lancaster Township is a set fee of $10 per year for any person who works in Lancaster Township.

Property Assessment:

If you have questions concerning your property’s assessment value, contact the Lancaster County Property Assessment Office at (717) 299-8381.

Tax Certification:

If you are seeking a tax certification or have questions about tax certification, contact the Lancaster County Treasurer’s Office at (717) 299-8222.

Homestead/Farmstead Tax Exclusion (Homeowner Tax Relief Act): 

To find out what the Homestead/Farmstead Tax Exclusion is, or how to apply, click here:, or contact the Lancaster County Property Assessment Office at (717) 299-8381.