Comcast (Xfinity)All billing, payment, equipment, service questions: (800) 266-2278
Corporate Headquarters: (800) 934-6489
. Comcast operates within the township’s borders, and puts the township phone number on the bills they send out. However, the township cannot assist with any questions regarding billing, payment, equipment, service, etc. Subscribers must call Comcast directly for any issues you may have.
PPL Electric Customer Service:
(800) 342-5775
. Downed/Broken Street Light: (800) 342-5775 and follow voice prompts

. Downed Electric Wires: Call 911 first to report the downed wire; then call
(800) 342-5775 (press “1,” then “3,” for emergency)

. Power Outage: (800) 342-5775, press “1”
UGI Gas Customer Service:
(800) 276-2722
Emergency calls are taken 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
Gas Leaks:
. Leave immediately, taking all people and pets.
. DO NOT make a phone call from inside or near the building or house where the leak is suspected.
. Call (800) 276-2722 or Dial 9 1 1 if you feel it is an emergency.
Sewer & WaterClick on this link for contact details.
Public Utilities CommissionTo file a complaint: (800) 692-7380
Website: www.puc.pa.gov