Woody Waste Facility Access Update – 4/7/2021

Important information regarding Woody Waste Access and Self Load Mulch

Woody Waste Facility OPENS – MONDAY, APRIL 12; first SATURDAY, APRIL 17.

Hours are Monday through Thursday 3PM to 7PM and Saturday mornings 8AM to 1PM (closed holiday weekends).

Due to the City of Lancaster’s construction project on their sewer interceptor line, which runs through the driveway and other areas of Lancaster Township’s Maple Grove and Woody Waste facility, traffic patterns and drop off areas have changed temporarily.

Access the site as normal via Elm Avenue using the access road to Maple Grove Community Center. When you reach the bottom of the access road the signs will direct you to turn right. After turning right you will proceed to the attendants shed, and after providing ID you will be allowed to continue on to the temporary off-loading area. After you off load you will proceed forward and exit via Columbia Avenue.

Due to these changes you will need to anticipate a potential wait in line as the dumping area is limited. Please off load as quickly and safely as possible.

You can expect changes to the traffic patterns over the next few weeks as the project progresses.

Due to space constraints during the construction project, we have located the free self-load mulch area at the front of the Maple Grove Community Building.  

As always, if you have questions or comments please contact me at (717) 293-1733

Michael R Hamlin
Director of Public Works
Lancaster Township