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Police Log-September 17, 2014

  1. Theft by Deception (LT) – A criminal complaint has been filed against a Female/23 of East main Street, Leola. On September 7, 2014, the female took items from the shelf at Giant, 1360 Columbia Ave, and then “returned” the items using a receipt that had been found in the trash outside the store. She was also identified as committing the same act on September 2, 2014. Upon being taken into custody, two hypodermic needles were found in her possession. She has been charged with two counts of Theft by Deception, two counts of Retail Theft, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. The complaint has been filed before MDJ Sponaugle.
  2. Burglary (LT) – A criminal complaint has been filed against a Male/27 of East Walnut Street, Columbia. On July 14, 2014, a resident of the 1400 Block of Manor House Lane reported that her apartment had been entered sometime overnight and her cell phone and personal items were taken. The male, who is the victim’s ex-boyfriend, was identified as a suspect. He has been charged with Burglary, Criminal Trespass, and Theft. The complaint has been filed before MDJ Sponaugle.
  3. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (LT) – A criminal complaint for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia has been filed against a Male/18 of Pittsburgh. At 4:03 a.m. August 19, 2014, a Manheim Township officer on patrol in Lancaster Township Community Park, 1201 Millersville Pike, found the male sleeping in a tent. During the encounter, drug paraphernalia was found in the tent. The complaint was filed before MDJ Sponaugle.

BoS Meeting Minutes-August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

The duly advertised Lancaster Township Board of Supervisors meeting was held on Monday, August 18, 2014 in the township building at 1240 Maple Avenue, Lancaster, PA. The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by Chair Kathleen M. Wasong. Vice Chair Benjamin H. Bamford, Treasurer Thomas H. Schaller, and Township Manager William M. Laudien were also present. Others in attendance included township staff and interested parties. Ms. Wasong led those assembled in the Pledge of Allegiance.

No public comments.

The minutes of the July 14, 2014 board meeting were approved by general consent.

Mr. Schaller presented the treasurer’s report as of July 2014:
General Fund  $5,703,850.21
Highway Aid Fund  $799,957.18
Parks Fund  $25,034.61
Capital Reserve Fund  $1,358,254.26
TOTAL  $7,887,096.26
Ms. Wasong stated the treasurer’s report would be filed for audit.

On a motion by Mr. Schaller, seconded by Mr. Bamford, the board unanimously approved the payment of bills (7/15/2014–8/14/2014):
General Fund  $301,940.51
Escrow Fund  $9,315.36
State Highway Fund  $17,808.84
Parks Fund  $13,889.51
Capital Reserve Fund  $410.36
TOTAL  $343,364.58

A.    Lancaster Township Fire Department: Mr. Schaller reported thirty calls in the township in July 2014, making a year-to-date total of 333 calls.
B.    Lafayette Fire Company: There were eight calls answered on the east side of Lancaster Township during the month of July 2014.
C.    Police: Officer Michael Piacentino gave an overview of the July 2014 police report. Sgt. Piacentino introduced Officer Jesse Crnkovic and his K-9 partner, Turbo. Turbo is named after Marine Combat Engineer Cpl. Eric “Turbo” Torbert Jr. of Millersville, who lost his life in Afghanistan in 2010. Turbo is specially trained in     explosives and patrol duties such as tracking and officer protection.
D.    Sewer/Other Reports: Reports are available for public inspection at the meeting and during regular business hours.
E.    Recycling Report:  June 2014: 25.17%. The increases we have been having in the recycling rate are due to our current hauler being better at collecting the recycling, and that the amount of things we can recycle has increased.
F.     Lancaster Inter-Municipal Committee Report: Mr. Laudien reported that the LIMC is continuing conversations on solutions to storm water management issues and obligations. Ms. Wasong indicated that Millersville University wants to do more projects cooperatively. The September 10, 2014 meeting will be held at West Hempfield Township at 7:30am.

A.        Open Burning Reminder: The Lancaster Township Fire Department would like to remind residents that the township has a no open burning ordinance.
B.        The Township Office & Woody Waste facility: Closed Monday, September 1, 2014 (Labor Day). Trash & recycle pickup will also be delayed by one day.
C.        Next Board of Supervisors Meeting: Monday, September 15, 2014, 7:00pm, workshop at 6:00pm, Lancaster Township.

No old business.

A.        LTPC #235—Lancaster Campus of History, Release of Financial Security
Mr. Schaller moved, Mr. Bamford seconded, and the board unanimously approved a request to release the financial security from the Lancaster Campus of History per the township engineer’s letter dated August 4, 2014.
B.        Ordinance 2014-06
An ordinance presenting text amendments to the Storm Water Management Ordinance was presented. The ordinance will be advertised and available for review at the township office during regular business hours. The board will act on this ordinance at their September 15, 2014 meeting.

A.        2014 Paving Bid Project Additions
Mr. Schaller moved, Mr. Bamford seconded, and the board unanimously approved a request to add the following locations to the 2014 bid paving project at a total cost of $14,847.30: Alley X from Atkins Avenue to Alley S, Alley R from Abbeyville Road to South School Lane, and Alley Q from Fifth Street to Sixth Street.
B.        Handicapped Parking Permit
Mr. Bamford moved, Mr. Schaller seconded, and the board unanimously approved an application for handicapped parking at 1113 Jamaica Road.
C.        Resolution No. 2014-08
Mr. Schaller moved, Mr. Bamford seconded, and the board unanimously approved amendments to the Lancaster Township Schedule of Fees, adding a fee of $20.00 for Dumpster Permits.

·       Mr. & Mrs. Vasey of South West End Avenue expressed concerns about the increased violence on South West End Avenue. They have lived there for 22 years and what has happened in the past few months has been frightening. They understand that aberrations occur and that it could just be an uptick and then go away, but are also worried that it could be the beginning of a trend. They just want to be sure everything is being done to oversee the situation, determine what the cause is, and take the steps necessary now rather than a year from now. They suggested more lighting behind the school and a security camera in the area. It was noted that the school district would need to be contacted with regard to additional lighting and security cameras. The supervisors indicated they have been actively addressing West End Avenue, and have total confidence in the police.
·       Mr. Vasey also asked who a renter can contact if they are having trouble with a landlord, such as water being turned off or a leaking roof. Mr. Laudien stated that the township tries to deal with these issues and come up with a compromise with the landlord so the tenants are not displaced. Tenants should contact the township and talk to the planning/zoning department.
·       Ms. Laporte of Atkins Avenue voiced distress over the reporting of a burglary attempt that occurred at her home.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:38pm.

Respectfully submitted,
William M. Laudien, Secretary

Police Log-September 16, 2014

  1. Theft (LT) – A criminal complaint for Theft has been filed against a Male/31 of Mulberry St, Reading. On September 1, 2014, a Lancaster Township woman reported that her boyfriend had stolen jewelry from her home valued at approximately $7,000. The jewelry was later recovered at a pawn shop. The complaint was filed before MDJ Sponaugle.